Seeking joy through creative expression


Life has its ups and downs: we’ve experienced a fair few of both. We jumped from one quick-fix sticking plaster solution to the next. We hoped they would make us happy. None worked of course. We realised it was about the journey, not the destination. As friends we have supported each other in our pursuit of joy, which we think might be the key to long-lasting life satisfaction. Now as creators and entrepreneurs, hosts and teachers we want to share the pursuit of joy with you.

We don’t have a particular pathway or transformational method to sell, nor do we promise a “Road to Damascus” moment. However, we can promise inspiring experiences where open-hearted and generous tutors will share techniques that help you to make sustainable, positive changes in your own life. You will leave with a wealth of new ideas and connect with new, like-minded friends.

Our experiences reflect a love of living well. Delicious food, excellent wine, great company. No detox diets here, thanks!

What began in friendship and a desire to help each other in our pursuit of joy has grown into an inclusive community of explorers and creators, thinkers and doers. Join us on your journey through life.

Jacqueline Wise

Adam D’Souza